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4 Table Gift Ideas that are Guaranteed to be Used, Devoured or Remembered

Not sure what you should give your guests as gifts? From lace ribbons and decorated boxes filled with delicacies, to gorgeous traditional trinkets – table gifts are a world-wide wedding icon that has long been passed down from generation to generation. Gifts that can either be a useful generous gesture or an expensive unnecessary dust collector – many couples fret over what to give as favours.

Let’s be honest, who needs another dust collector? Do you really want to give something that could end up in the garbage? While it’s true that every guest loves taking home a little reminder – no one should have to feel pangs of guilt when they decide to throw it out after a week or two. With that said, instead of sending guests home with trinkets that'll eventually end up in the garbage, why not give them something useful, memorable or yummy. Short of ideas? Don’t worry, we’ve got 4 table gift ideas that are guaranteed to be used, devoured or remembered.

  • Tiny Potted Cacti or Herbs – there’s nothing like eco-friendly table gifts that will last long after the Big Day is over, and you certainly can’t go wrong with tiny potted cacti or herbs. Everyone loves plants and herbs, not only are these gifts pretty to look at, but they are also quite symbolic.
  • Coffee Bean Bags – there is no person on planet earth that doesn’t enjoy a good strong cuppa, which makes gifting a small bag of coffee beans extremely useful. Simply buy your favourite roasted coffee beans and package them either in organza bags or mason jars.
  • Chocolate Candy Filled Mugs – who can resist delicious candy treats dipped in white and dark chocolate? A favour favourite, why not gift your guests with customised printed mugs, boxes or tins filled with an assortment of delicious goodies. In fact, these will be perfect for their journey home.
  • Make a Charitable Donation – worried that your guests won’t use that single engraved wine glass or that personalised magnet you’ve spent a pretty penny on? If you’re worried that your gifts are going to end up in a long forgotten cabinet, then why not skip the trinkets and go with a charitable donation to a charity that you and your partner are both passionate about.

A one-of-a-kind memento, when it comes to table gift ideas there are no hard and fast rules – you can either play it safe with traditional trinkets, or you can be as creative and practical as you like. As one of South Africa’s leading online table gift suppliers, not only do we have a wide selection, but we can also customise them for you. Contact us today for more information!

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