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Wedding Favours and Bridal Gift Ideas with a Difference

Bridal gifts and ideas encompass a number of different types of presents, many being given to the woman and others being given by her. One of the earliest forms of the former type of gifting is the dowry, a practice which continues in certain cultures to this day; it may be the groom or his parents making some form of payment to the family of his wife-to-be or by her family giving her dowry to the groom or his father.

Arranged Marriages

A second form of bridal gift was also made in arranged marriages, particularly amongst wealthy families or royalty. In such instances, the objective was to enlarge a political power base, unification when both parties had a common enemy or adversary, or merging their wealth by passing over land, money, possessions or a share in a profitable business venture.

Bridal Household Dowry and Bottom Drawer

Even amongst more modest families, essential bridal dowry became a collection of household items which would be needed when the couple set up their first home together. This included linens, bedding, crockery, glassware, pots and pans, utensils and even ornaments.

Because these were the days before mass consumerism, such goods were not all mass produced and as affordable as they are today, and thus they were collected gradually and stored away until the day that the young lady was married. As all young girls were taught to sow, darn and embroider, many of the bridal linen items were hand-embroidered.

Girls themselves also collected household items, carefully and safely storing those which might be damaged by insect activity in mothballs. The most popular place in which to keep this collection was usually a chest or cabinet with drawers, hence the name “bottom drawer” and “hope chest”.

Kitchen Tea and Gift Registry

The bridal shower or kitchen tea, held a while before the actual wedding day, provides modern couples with smaller essential household items, typically those used in the kitchen. Although such gifts are inexpensive, kitchen tea presents nevertheless save a newly wed couple lots of money, time and effort; they can start their new life together with everything from dish towels to spatulas in place.

By arranging an in-store registry for household items which the couple would like to have, guests are guided in purchasing needed/appreciated wedding presents, without risk of duplication.

Wedding Favours

These small presents are the perfect means for the bride and groom to thank their guests for joining them in celebrating their marriage – tokens of sincere appreciation. At WeddingFavours Dot CoZa, we offer a wide range of wedding favours to choose from, thereby accommodating modern couples who require innovative favours and unique, personalised bridal gift ideas with which to honour their guests.

For more ideas or personal assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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