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Wedding Favours That Really Matters

Throughout the ages, across most cultures, bridal couples have sought to bestow wedding favours that really matter upon guests who attend their wedding ceremony and subsequent festivities. These small gifts traditionally consisted of food items, particularly those such as sugar cubes, which were once an expensive and scarce commodity, believed to have health benefits, and thus a precious treat for recipients.

Such sweet treats, known as bonbonnières in Europe, also indicated the family’s wealth and status, and were presented in little porcelain or crystal boxes, which were retained as keepsakes in memory of the couple and their special day – the origins of wedding favours that matter.

Confetti’s Evolution

As the supply of sugar increased, more people were able to afford bonbons, and so the practice of wedding favour distribution spread rapidly to include all classes. Almonds entered the picture in a sugar coated form by the 13th century, becoming known as confetti, derived from the Italian word meaning confection.

During the mid 20th century, confetti strewn over couples as they emerged from the chapel, consisted of small multicoloured paper dots, which would eventually scatter and blow all around church gardens and the surrounding area. Since it was almost impossible to gather and dispose of all these tiny paper dots, this type of confetti fell into disuse.

Coloured crepe paper streamers make disposal easier but also create a rather untidy mess, and if exposed to a few drops of rain, would stain the bride’s dress. Rice was popular, but many now consider it somewhat mundane. Rose and/or other colourful flower petals remain a firm favourite, while whole, small flowers are also attractive.

Alternatives include the release of white doves, ringing of church bells, balloons, blowing bubbles or simply omitting confetti completely, the latter being a rule applied by certain venues, so it is best to check first. However, pink and white sugar coated almond “confetti” – wedding favours – decoratively packaged and set on your tables, will always be appreciated by one and all.

Why Wedding Favours Really Matter

Wedding favours convey sentiment and emotion. It is a way of acknowledging the presence of guests and thanking them for sharing in your celebration of this meaningful occasion, the start of a new chapter as a married couple.

This is why we give so much thought and attention to the extensive range of novel items we supply to our bridal couples, irrespective of their budget, guest numbers, theme or colour schemes. We focus on individually personalised quality gifts, including traditional almonds, which incorporate elements that guests can retain and treasure as keepsakes and mementos.

If you want your entire wedding to reflect your discerning style and sincere sentiments, you will want to present your valued guests with favours that really matter, chosen from our wide range of innovative, perfectly personalised gifts and tokens.

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