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Find Superior Wedding Favours and Gifts for Guests

In western cultures, there are two types of wedding gifts – those given to the bridal couple by family, friends and others who receive invitations to attend the marriage and those given by the bride and groom to their guests who attend their wedding.

Wedding gifts bought for the couple used to be very much according to what the donor thought the couple might like or need when setting up their new household. Duplications were very much the order of the day in all too many instances, because the choice of present was left to each guest entirely; no one knew whether anyone else might have selected something similar or identical to what they had bought.

Gift Registry

The practice of drawing up a gift registry at one or a couple of stores and sending the list to all invited guests was initially seen as being a little bit cheeky by some rather more conservative persons, who felt that this might be tantamount to the bridal pair asking for a present.

However, these early objectors soon came to realise how much easier is was to select an item from the registry rather than struggle to think of something other than a salad bowl or yet another set of glasses, items almost guaranteed to be duplicated several times over, along with kettles, toasters and numerous other small appliances.

In pre-registry days and sometimes nowadays, couples who already have all the basic items needed to set up home together or those who would prefer to have the money instead of household items, may state that cash donations in lieu of presents would be appreciated, although not everyone is entirely comfortable doing this. A bridal registry has become the most popular, widely accepted indication of which wedding presents would be most appreciated, ensuring that nothing is duplicated or superfluous.

Gift Ideas for Guests

Giving guests token gifts has been customary for a very long time, going back to 16th century England and Medieval Europe, when these favours usually consisted of something sweet, typically sugared nuts, particularly almonds, still popular in their familiar pink and white coating to this very day.

In early times, sugar was scarce and therefore very expensive, given only by wealthy classes who could afford this delicacy. As sweet treats became more freely available and less costly, the use of sugared eats as gifts for guests became more prevalent.

Most modern bridal couples choose to continue this tradition, but in a more contemporary form, the demand for which has grown so much that we established our company to source and supply a wide range of novel gift ideas for the most discerning tastes, whilst still offering some of the older traditions with an added modern twist.

Our ranges are extensive, offering selections for every budget, decor scheme and style, including novel items and creative packaging, from mini African potjies to scrolled candles, key and serviette rings, coasters, puzzles, engraving on champagne flutes – tinned, bagged, boxed or bottled – and we personalise all these with your own special message, photos and graphics.

Find Us

Although we are situated in Pretoria, we deliver throughout South Africa. You are unlikely to find an easier, more professional process with outstanding customer service, plus a wide variety of quality, creatively personalised wedding gifts and favours with which to honour your valued guests.

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