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Wedding Favours as Unique as Your Union

Even if a couple adores tradition and plans to have a totally traditional wedding theme throughout their special day and all its many varied components, it is highly likely that they would prefer a unique twist to certain elements, particularly their wedding favours.

No modern bride wants her wedding day to be a carbon copy of that of someone else; the big day is simply too personal, intimate and special not to include unique elements. Wedding favours, for instance, have such a long tradition, sometimes quite illustrious, depending on the fashions and customs of the period and the wealth or ostentation of the bride’s family.

Elaborate Presentation

The custom of presenting guests, who attended the wedding, appears to have begun amongst the upper, affluent classes in Europe. It was used as a way of displaying their wealth by means of ostentatious dress, furnishings, the food which they served, and the manner in which wedding favours were presented.

At this time, sugar was a scarce and thus expensive commodity, only afforded by rich people. As a result, sweet treats, such as confectionery or sugar coated almonds, were presented to guests. These delicacies were placed in elaborate, ornate little containers or fancy boxes made of delicate porcelain, cut crystal or gold, which was sometimes set with gemstones.

Modern Subtlety

Nowadays, the tradition lives on, but with the emphasis on tasteful subtlety rather than ostentatious flashiness. Five sugar-coated Jordan almonds are still a favourite, possibly because of their timeless symbolic meaning – health, wealth, happiness/love, fertility, and a long life – but their packaging is less fancy, yet much more innovative.

Almonds or another favourite, mints, may be contained in tiny bags made of organza. This is then dressed with a drawstring or ribbon to match the bridal colour scheme, in personalised tins or in boxes made of modern materials, such as cardboard, Perspex, miniature galvanised buckets or mini clay/stoneware potjies, typically African.

Spoiled for Choice

We are premier suppliers of innovative and unusual personalised wedding favours for bridal couples who seek something out of the ordinary. Our company offers an extensive range of other gift options for guests.

Our easily navigable website features categories of favours, complete with descriptions and prices. This makes it an absolute breeze and lots of fun for brides to select, order and personalise the items of their choice, delivered to their doorstep, all in good time and professionally executed.

Just as the union between you and your beloved is unique, so too will your wedding favours be. Once you have made your selection from the numerous innovative options listed and displayed on our comprehensive website, we will help you to add your personal touch to transform them into treasured mementos.

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